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Welcome to Swemco Pools

Swemco Pools is a swimming pool company that has been in existence for over fifteen years. Our retail outlet and offices is situated in Old Paarl rd Brackenfell, 4 Bree Street Vredenburg and Bokomo Rd Malmesbury. We have ample parking for all our customers. We are the best-equipped retail swimming pool outlets in the Northern suburbs and West coast.

We have over twenty-five years combined experience in the swimming pool industry.

Swemco Pools Products:

Pool Equipment:

We are suppliers of high quality swimming pool equipment:

  • pool pumps
  • filters
  • salt chlorinators
  • pool cleaning equipment

Chemical Equipment:

We also perform water testing, and provide clients with the necessary information to maintain their swimming pools in top condition.

Swemco Pools stocks a large variety of swimming pool chemicals that are thoroughly tested in the swimming pool industry

We provide the customer with excellent service - inside or outside our pool shop. We also perform repairs and renovations on all types of swimming pools and pool equipment, such as re-marbling and fiber lining of swimming pools.

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners:

Invented in South Africa in the early 1980’s and perfected by Maytronics of Israel from 1983, Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners are the new generation in automatic swimming pool cleaners.

The Dolphin Electronic Robotic Advantage:

Not reliant on the swimming pools filtration system, all models of DOLPHIN Robotic Pool Cleaners:

  • Are powered by an independent internal motor system which is connected safely outside of the swimming pool to a low voltage (30VDC) power supply.
  • Have their own internal filtering system, filtering down to 50 microns. Algae and debris are captured in a filter bag which provides major relief in wear and tear on the swimming pools main filtration system.
  • Provide active brushing and vacuum. The DOLPHIN Robotic Pool Cleaners drive on brushes that actively scrub the swimming pool surface lifting dirt and algae and capturing it in the filter bag.
  • On being placed in the pool, the DOLPHIN Robotic Pool Cleaner automatically goes into Systematic Scanning mode and scans the swimming pool using advanced algorithms to cover the entire swimming pool - floor, walls and water line.

Contact Details:


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